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Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Death of Me.

“Wow, what a day” I thought, walking up the stairs of my building. It had been a really strange day, with everything that happened. Woke up late in the morning, had to rush to get ready to work. Almost slipped and fell when running down the flight of stairs, the elevator wasn’t working. Nearly got hit by the cab I was waving down to get to work. The man apologised, saying he braked late. He would have had a piece of my mind was I not in a hurry. Reached work late, obviously. Damn computer wouldn’t switch on. Apparently the plug was loose. When I reached under the desk trying to plug it in by feel, got an electric shock! After every little incident, I kept saying to myself, “This is it, its all going to be smooth sailing from here on”. Boy! Was I wrong!

To make things short, the day was terrible. After a series of such irritating but tiny incidents, got out of work in the evening. Not sure why, all throughout the day, I had a nagging feeling that somebody was behind me. I even thought a few times that I had seen a shadow. Turned around quickly but obviously it was nothing. The random irritating experience had left me a little shaken. But I was feeling better already. Got out of the cab in the front of my building, paid the guy. I had no other plans for tonight. “Just let this day be over, and will start afresh tomorrow. Time to watch some movies on the computer” I thought, as I unlocked the door to my apartment.

Turned on the lights. Nothing. “Damn! Seriously?” I thought. No worries. Let me just change and I will fix the light later on. It was dark, after 9 at night. Strangely enough, the usual noises from the neighbours, the talking, the television, were all missing. “Must have gone out” I told myself. Sat down, undressed, and changed. Just a quick shower before hitting the bed and I would be done.

Thankfully, the light in the bathroom was working. I had just washed my face, when suddenly, the feeling of being watched returned. I felt, again, as if somebody was behind me. I was standing right in front of the mirror so i obviously knew there was no one. I went back into thinking about the events of the day. What if I couldn’t stop any one of those events from fully happening? What if I couldn’t stop myself from falling down on the stairs? Or if I hadn’t jumped back onto the pavement when the taxi went right through the spot I was standing in? And what if I didn’t pull my hand back when I felt the electric shock? “Nah”, I told myself, “that wouldn’t be possible. Thats basic reflex. I won’t die today” and I smiled. I shrugged off those thoughts, bent over the basin again to wash my face before going to bed. Reached out for the towel with my face still wet and eyes clothes. Couldn’t feel it. So took a step away from the sink in the direction where the towel would be. My foot hit something cold, wet, and I slipped.

And everything stopped.

My eyes were still closed, but I could feel everything had slowed down. I was falling. But not fast. Slow. Very, very slow. The water still felt cold against my face. I could feel the air, as I moved through it. There was a chill. For a split second. I felt it riding up my back, my neck. And then, it spoke. “I have been waiting for you all day long”. I heard it! Clear as day! My mind raced. There was no one else in the bathroom. I knew it. I had looked right in front of the mirror. There was no one behind me! My head hit on something hard. I heard the ‘thud’. My neck cracked. I felt numb all over. I felt my chin burst open against the hard wash basin. My elbow hit the ground first, and immediately i felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. I lay there, face on the ground. My neck felt twisted. My eyes were still closed. I felt nothing of my body. I tried to open my eyes. It was going dark. A little bit at a time. Like sunset. Dimmer and dimmer. Everything seemed to move further and further away.

And then it did.

That is how, I died.

~ The End ~

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  1. Awesome work bro...feels like keep on reading and one can actually relate to it